Anabode 1.1.1 Is Now Live!

Anabode version 1.1.1 is now live in the app stores. 

It is a testament to the commitment of our team that even during these uncertain times they continue to work tirelessly (and 100% remotely) on the development schedule for Anabode.

We look forward to adding new features over the coming months, and maintaining the high level of customer service that we are known for. 

So what’s new?

  • Quick View UI update: It will now be more obvious whenever you are reviewing items in the Quick View section.
  • Tenancy updates: Add deposits to tenancies and implement leases with rent paid on a ‘per annum’ basis.
  • Property & Tenancy notifications: User notifications relating to certificate & licence dates have been made more prominent. 
  • Documents:  General performance upgrades to uploading & viewing documents. 
  • Profile: General upgrades to profile editing.
  • Chat: General performance upgrades.  

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