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Landlord Pre-tenancy Checklist: General

A helpful guide for landlords renting out properties around the world. 

It is important to note that the duties and obligations listed below are not exhaustive and you should seek independent legal advice for the full range of duties with which you must comply.

  1. Tenancy Contract The tenancy agreement ensures all rights and responsibilities agreed beyond those prescribed by law are as clear as possible.
  2. Tenant Checks Referencing should be carried out for each tenant. This could include confirmation of the tenant’s basic information via official ID, credit checks, previous or current employment details, addresses, bank statements and references from the current landlord.
  3. Rental Payment Set Up It is recommended to collect the first month’s rent in advance alongside any deposit, and to confirm that subsequent rental payments have been set up.
  4. Professional Clean A deep clean of the property prior to the move in of new tenants is recommended, especially areas such as the tub, toilet, stove, and refrigerator.
  5. Check-in Inventory It is important to carry out an inventory before and after a tenancy to ensure that all items contained within the property and their condition are accounted for. It also lessens the chances of a deposit dispute further down the line.
  6. Registration & Licences Depending on your property’s location, you may need to obtain a relevant licence and officially register both your rental property and personal details with the relevant public authority or regulator.
  7. Gas Safety If the property has a gas fired heating system or gas appliances it is important ensure that the installations adhere to all public authority or regulator requirements. This could include carrying out gas inspections and maintenance on a regular basis by a qualified person, and providing relevant safety certificates prior to a new tenancy.
  8. Security Deposit Have you taken a Security Deposit? Depending on where your rental property is, you maybe required to hold the deposit in a separate account or in a government approved scheme.
  9. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in line should be provided the requirements of the relevant public authority or regulator. Alarms should be checked to ensure that they are in proper working order on the day the tenancy begins.
  10. Fire Resistant Furniture All furniture a landlord provides must be fire resistant. Furniture must meet the fire resistance requirements as stipulated by the relevant public authority or regulator.
  11. Electrical Safety Checks It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that electrical equipment and systems are safe and maintained in a safe condition during the tenancy. This could include carrying out electrical inspections and maintenance on a regular basis by a qualified person, and providing relevant safety certificates prior to a new tenancy
  12. Other This summary is merely provided as a guide to what is expected when managing a rental property. It must not be relied on as legally complete or correct. It is important to ensure compliance with all local authority or regulatory requirements which could include rent regulations, maintenance standards and other obligations as stipulated. You should always seek professional advice to ensure you meet your landlord obligations.

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Landlord Pre-tenancy Checklist - A General Guide