Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a desktop or laptop computer to use Anabode?

A: We will releasing our web portal soon which will allow you to access Anabode via your desktop, laptop or Android tablet device. The web portal will allow you to conduct various administative functions relating to your portfolio. It will also allow you to mass upload portfolio data from a computer to Anabode App.

Q: Does Anabode have Tenant and Contractor apps?

A: Yes, Anabode has Tenant and Contractor apps. Everyone downloads the same version of Anabode via the app stores, but they are presented with different views and functionality based on their user type.

Q: For subscription purposes, what is classed as a unit?

A: A unit is defined as any individual space against which a rental agreement might be issued. This could be, amongst other things, a house, a room, a shop, or a parking space.

Q: Do you provide a set up service?

A: Yes, we do. Please email if you require this service.

Q: Can I use Anabode to manage building facilities, e.g. elevators, parking, gardening, cleaning etc., as well as individual residential units?

A: Yes you can. Building facilities can be managed via the ‘Maintain’ section by adding the building as a standalone unit.

Q: Who sends or updates maintenance or service requests – tenant, owners or property managers?

A: Both Tenants and Owners/Property Managers can initiate Maintain requests. If a tenant initiates a request, it must be ‘accepted’ by the Owner/Property Manager before it will go out to the relevant service contractors. The service contractors can update the request also, once they are assigned to a job.

Q: Can I track rental payments and see rental payment reports?

A: We will be adding a rent payment and tenant reminder facility soon into Anabode as part of our product evolution. Various reporting functionalities will be put in place alongside this.

Q: Can I track expense payments and see expense payment reports?

A: We will be adding an expense tracking tool into Anabode soon as part of our product evolution. Users will be able to assign expenses to individual properties and log expenses against maintenance and repair tasks.Various reporting functionalities will be put in place alongside this.

Q: Can I use Anabode on my tablet device?

A: Currently Anabode can be used on your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone. Anabode can be installed on your iPad by selecting ‘iPhone only’ when searching in the App Store.