Anabode 1.3.4 is Now Live!

Anabode Update

The latest version of Anabode (1.3.4) is now live in the app stores along with our new iOS promo video. This release covers off some great new administrative features and performance upgrades.

So what’s new?​

  • Rent Logging is Now ‘Income’: Rent tracking has been updated to allow for all forms of property income to be tracked, including for commercial units. 
  • Notifications: The notifications system has been updated to make alerts more prominent.
  • Delete Property: The method for deleting a rental unit from your account has been updated to a two factor process.
  • Ending a Tenancy: The process of ending a tenancy has been updated to align solely with the end date noted in the system.  
  • General Performance Upgrades: We have made improvements to system performance and fixed minor bugs, resulting in a better user experience.

 Coming soon

  • Desktop Web Portal: We will be releasing initial access to our Desktop Dashboard soon. This will allow you to access Anabode on your desktop PC, laptop or tablet device.

You can download Anabode here:



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